For a new Commercial type building the following information is required so that a Building Rules assessment can be undertaken:

  • Completed Application Form
  • Completed Engagement Form
  • A copy of the Planning Consent(where applicable) and any conditions of consent including a copy of the plans stamped with ‘Provisional Development Plan Consent’
  • A copy of the Certificate of Title
  • Evidence of payment of CITB levy-Applies where estimated value of construction work exceeds $40,000.Payable via direct debit at or by forwarding to BuildSurv a completed Levy Form and a separate cheque made out to the CITB)

Two (2) complete sets of documents (plans, drawings, specifications etc) including:

  • Architectural Plans (Floor plan, Elevations, Sectionals, etc).
  • Architectural specification.
  • Service Drawings including:
    • Fire
    • Electrical
    • Mechanical
    • Hydraulic
    • Civil
  • Engineering calculations and associated structural drawings.
  • Footing construction report including soil assessment (for any fill and to confirm bearing capacity).
  • Energy efficiency construction details and supporting documentation (building fabric, insulation, glazing type,electrical lighting, mechanical services).
  • Wet area details (as applicable).
  • Corrosion protection details (as relevant for any exposed steel work).
  • SAMFS consultation (from services consultants as applicable for any alternative solutions proposed).

On the receipt of the details for assessment, we can assist in assessing whether the information above will be required and as to how much other detail may be needed.