Maintenance of Essential Safety Provisions

Regulation 76 of the Development Regulations 2008 requires building owners to provide adequate proof annually to the local council that maintenance and testing of essential safety provisions installed in a building has been carried out in accordance with Minister’s Specification SA 76 – Maintenance and testing of essential safety installations – Schedule of essential safety provisions.

The Specification has now been amended and is to be adopted for all applications from 1 May 2015 and incorporates changes that include:

  • The addition of a performance requirement to clarify the outcome expected from undertaking maintenance of essential safety provisions. This allows building owners to either use the Deemed-to-Satisfy maintenance routines referenced in the Minister’s Specification, or to use alternative ways of achieving the same performance outcome;
  • Adoption of the 2012 edition of Australian Standard AS 1851 - Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment, which will enable maintenance contractors to apply nationally consistent requirements more widely;
  • The addition of a fourth explanatory column in the Schedule of Options in Part 3.0 of the Specification to assist building owners by providing guidance on navigating or understanding the standards and requirements in Column 3;
  • More clarification and explanatory information on the maintenance requirements and application of the Minister’s Specification have been added;
  • Removal of outdated references to codes and standards.

 Existing buildings are required to be maintained to the originally approved essential safety provisions unless an application is made to a Certifier or Council for a new schedule. Owners of existing buildings can apply to BuildSurv to have a new Form 1 schedule issued if they wish to switch to using the maintenance and testing routines listed in the new specification (e.g. to use the AS 1851-2012 routines for fire protection).