Drill Core Reference Library

Images courtesy of Thomson Rossi Architects

The $32 million South Australian Drill Core Reference Library at Tonsley is a unique facility that catalogues more than 7.5 million metres of drill core samples from across the State and captures more than 130 years of exploration. The core samples can provide essential clues about the geological history of South Australia as well as indicators for new mineral and energy resource discoveries that are critical to the future prosperity of the state. The building includes the drill core library, a support component consisting of administration, meeting/conference/education, and core viewing facilities and a logistics and processing area for deliveries and dispatch and core sample scanning via the ‘hylogger’. The project was awarded the Commercial Architecture Award and the Colorbond Award for Steel Architecture in the 2016 SA Architecture Awards.

BuildSurv provided Building Code Compliance consultancy on the project (Building Surveyor Heang Lim).