Fire Stopping Specification and Installation

Recent issues with building claddings has highlighted the issue of product compliance in the building industry. Another area of concern is the protection of penetrations through fire walls which from our experience is often incorrectly undertaken.

Building compartmentation plays a vital role in limiting the spread of fire and smoke within buildings. Inappropriate selection and / or poorly installed fire-stopping systems can significantly increase the risk to life safety and damage to a building in a fire event. It is critical that the product to be used has been tested and certified for the specific use and then installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Even when this is done right at initial construction it is often future service penetrations through a fire wall that are not appropriately treated as a result of a lack of adequate knowledge or supervision. Although UK based, and as such based on differing standards, the ASFP video highlights the issues of inappropriate penetration treatment and the increased use of so called fire-rated foams.