• A copy of the certificate of Housing Indemnity Insurance in relation to the building work (Required where value of work exceeds $12,000 and a building contract is in place prior to application or if the owner is a licensed builder). NOTE: NOT REQUIRED FOR HOUSING SA JOBS
  • Evidence of payment of the Construction Industry Training Levy. (Applies where estimated value of construction work exceeds $40,000. Payable via direct debit at or by forwarding to BuildSurv a completed Levy Form and a separate cheque made out to the CITB)
  • A copy of the Planning Consent (where applicable) and any conditions of consent including a copy of the plans stamped with ‘Provisional Development Plan Consent’.


Two (2) complete sets of documents (plans, drawings, specifications etc) including:

  1. Architectural plans and elevations including dimensions, construction materials, door and window details, masonry control joint locations and smoke alarm locations.
  2. Building specification (materials and workmanship eg; standard HIA, MBA, BDA spec) and Schedule (if applicable).
  3. Footing Construction Report and Foundation Soil Assessment.
  4. Framing plans including wind speed assessment, bracing and tie down provisions, roof and wall framing members.
  5. Roof truss computations (where applicable) and supporting documentation in accordance with “Guide to Safer Roof Framing” (available at including a layout indicating the truss types (numbered) all signed by trained software operator.
  6. Energy Efficiency Report with construction details/supporting documentation (6 star Rating from NatHERS, First Rate or other accredited software - NOTE: 5 star only for Transportable Dwellings).
  7. Other details as required such as if the building is in a Bushfire Zone or, if you are adding a swimming pool (we can advise you on what is needed).