Buildsurv has an exceptional track record of providing building consulting, surveying and certification services for major development and infrastructure projects. We enable better standards of living and create greater prosperity for our clients and communities.

Building Certification

As South Australia’s leading building surveying company the nature of our work is constantly adapting to changes in technology, lifestyle, workplace trends and building accreditation. Buildsurv’s certification experts look at problems from fresh angles. They assist some of the largest development companies in the world, as well as individual home builders in achieving statutory approval obligations. This includes compliance with the required Building Rules:

  • Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act and Regulations
  • National Construction Code - Building Code of Australia (BCA)
  • Ministerial Building Standards
  • Referenced Australian Standards
  • Code of Practice

Our purpose as a Proven Building Partner is to excel in helping our clients achieve great development and project delivery outcomes. We have a relentless focus on providing real and innovative solutions to projects. This is achieved through our structured certification processes that are designed to remove uncertainty and minimise risk. We make certain every project is delivered efficiently, professionally and reliably.

Disability Access Consultancy

Our clients say we’re performing at our best when we help others. The work we perform in the disability sector allows us to improve lives and contribute to better social outcomes. The Discrimination Act (DDA) prescribes that it is against the law to discriminate on the grounds of disability in the areas of life, employment, education, provisions of goods, facilities and services, accommodation, buying land and, in particular access to premises used by the public. Our qualified and accredited consultants have taken lead roles to assist in identifying DDA risks and mitigation opportunities for old, new and existing buildings to ensure compliance with the DDA and associated legislation including:

  • Disability (Access to premises – buildings) Standards 2012
  • Australian Standards AS 1428 suite
  • Australian Standard AS/NZS 2890.6-2009 - Off-street parking for people with disabilities
  • Liveable Housing standards

Buildsurv’s Access Team have a deep understanding of equitable entry to and within buildings. We provide a pragmatic approach to issues identified and assist clients in meeting and where possible exceeding their statutory obligations. 

By partnering with us you have access to a vast knowledge of internationally recognised engineers, building certifiers, planners and programme managers with significant disability access expertise.

Building Surveying Consultancy

At Buildsurv we employ people who are leaders in their field. Our Building Surveying Consultants assists clients in reviewing engagements for statutory compliance early in the project lifecycle. This allows us to identify compliance items early so we can provide surety to the design and scope as projects progress. 

A key part of our role involves being an active member of the project design team. We combine strategic and specialists building surveying experience coupled with the creative ability to direct project design elements. Our deep certification heritage allows us to help clients achieve compliance performance requirements. We are geared to ensure design flexibility and safety are always maintained. 

Buildsurv’s experience in recognising design opportunities and compliance risks as early as possible assists in addressing items such as fire safety, access, egress and costs.

Our Building Surveying consultancy offering Includes:

  • Liquor licensing occupancy review
  • Regulation review (Due Diligence)
  • Technical advice and direction
  • Expert advice
  • Defence (MFPE & BA assessment)

We are a people-focused, building advisory team, here to partner with you to create your ideal future.

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