SA Development Application Checklist
Tenancy Fit Out

  • Completed Application Form (supplied by BuildSurv on request)
  • Completed Engagement Form (supplied by BuildSurv on request)
  • Evidence of payment of the Construction Industry Training Levy. (Applies where estimated value of construction work exceeds $40,000. Payable via direct debit at  or by forwarding to BuildSurv a completed Levy Form and a separate cheque made out to the CITB. Levy is calculated at a rate of 0.25% of the estimated value of construction work)

  • A copy of the Planning Consent (where applicable) and any conditions of consent including a copy of the plans stamped with ‘Provisional Development Plan Consent’ (refer below re complying development). 

  • Two (2) complete sets of documents (plans, drawings, specifications etc) including-
    o    Site plan showing the location of the proposed building works or Shopping centre plan identifying tenancy location
    o    Details of exit and emergency lighting as applicable
    o    Details of smoke detection / automatic fire sprinkler provisions as applicable
    o    Details of fire fighting provisions (fire extinguishers, hose reels, hydrants and boosters) as applicable
    o    Materials and finishes confirming compliance with fire hazard properties
    o    Egress provisions (including disabled access to and within the building)
    o    Structural calculations and details as applicable (note structural details are required to be independently certified in South Australia – BuildSurv can provide if required)
    o    Mechanical and electrical (lighting) details including Part J5 and J6 energy efficiency compliance certification for new works

    The development is likely to be considered as complying development under planning provided the proposed works are internal. For complying development BuildSurv can assess the documentation and if appropriate issue the Building Rules Consent and forward with the Council lodgement fee and the Staged Consents fee to the relevant Council. The Council fees will be added as a disbursement to our fees.

    If a planning assessment is required due to external works, or some other complication such as heritage listing of a building, then the applicant will need to lodge an application with the relevant Council for Planning Approval.

    Base building details, such as hydrant or hose reel locations, in large complexes is useful, but not necessary unless there is a likely extension of complying coverage due to significant partitioning of a large floor area or the blocking of existing exits. 

    Once the application is lodged, we will invoice our Certification fees and the Council disbursement fees we pay on your behalf.  We would appreciate if payment of the fees is able to be done prior to issuing our Building Rules Consent to Council.